Metabolism is More than Just Calorie Input vs Energy Output

Your metabolism is more than how many calories you burn versus how much you are taking in. Metabolism refers to all the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life.

Daily, 24x7, our metabolic processes produce chemical energy (ATP), build and breakdown substances like muscles, enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, bones and others. Energy production, cellular regeneration, detoxification, digestion, nutrient absorption and transportation are all part of the metabolic process.

What Affects Your Metabolic Health?

All these elements take part in shaping your metabolism and how you feel today - Genetics, Diet and nutrient status, Disease and medication history, Stress, Environment and Physical activity.

Your Metabolic Health is a sum total of all these factors that influence your health, throughout your life.

In reality, for most of us, you have the power to change the destiny of your health, vitality and how gracefully you will age.

The choices you make every day combined with how equipped you are to deal with environmental exposure and stress, will create your future health.

Nutrition is the Key to Metabolism

Metabolism rely upon adequate, balanced nutrients – carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals – to function optimally. It is true that the human body can make nutrients, but not all nutrients can be made. Almost all the vitamins, all minerals and some amino acids must be obtained from dietary sources.

Nutritional deficiencies and excess will both result in metabolic dysfunction and ultimately, a diseased condition.

We can help you to improve your health condition, assist you to better manage your symptoms with the right nutrition. Our nutrition regimen will be created based on your health and lifestyle challenges.

How It Works


Understanding Your Condition

Let us help you to understand your metabolic condition. We will review all the previous lab works, go through your health history and help you understand your health condition.


Become Partners-in-Health

Work with us, as partners, to correct your metabolic condition. Our approach is individualized. For the treatment to work, you need to take the first step. We will provide the plan, coach and guide you throughout the journey.


Consultation in Person

Our consultation can be at the comfort of your home, office or any other preferred location. The consultation can be in-person or a video call.

Consultation by appointment only.

Schedule an Appointment

1. Schedule an Appointment

Once we received your appointment request, we will contact you on email to reconfirm your appointment date, time and location. We would also ask that you complete the New Client Registration Form and returned the form to us, with previous lab works/health test reports (If available), one day before the appointment.

2. Initial Consultation

We will review your previous lab works, gathering information on the history of your illness, symptoms and any previous treatments/therapies you have done. We will also go over the medications and supplements that you are taking.

Your willingness to be open is very important during this time. Please rest assured that you would not be judged for anything you say to us. Your information is confidential, but vital for our understanding of your metabolic condition.
If further health tests are required, we will outline the necessary procedures.

3. Follow Up & Progress Monitoring

We want to know how you have been feeling since the previous visit; how things might have changed (or haven’t changed) with the nutrition regimen.

Do come prepared with questions that you may have.
Follow up is the single most important aspect of your treatment because it allows us to monitor your progress and change regimen if necessary, to ensure that your progression towards health is as quick and smooth as possible.

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